Review: Silent Scream by Karen Rose


He knows your secrets.

When a teenage girl dies in a suspicious fire, Detective Olivia Sutherland is assigned to track down the arsonist. Then she discovers something more sinister: a vicious blackmailer who preys on young people and murders without hesitation. Making her work even harder is sexy firefighter David Hunter. He’s not only sharing the case, but sparking memories of their long-ago night of passion, when feelings were left unsaid and hearts were broken.

He hears your pain.

David has his own ghosts, and a million regrets. But while he and Olivia try to face the wall of pain between them, a diabolical puppet master is pulling strings to make a group of twentysomethings do his bidding. Soon Olivia and David are scouring the city for a calculating criminal who seems tantalizingly close–and is moving in for the kill. (Source:Goodreads)

My Review:

As I’ve said previously in my review of Don’t Tell, I worship at the altar of Karen Rose. She isn’t just a master of romantic suspense, she is THE master.

As with all of her books, you can read this one as a stand alone, but I can’t recommend enough starting with Don’t Tell and reading the books in order. The characters all appear in several of the novels and are all connected in some way (or become connected as the series progresses). Even though things are explained and each book makes sense on its own, you don’t have the same depth of feeling for the characters that is achieved by reading the whole series.

There were so many little moments in this book that would not have been the same had I not already known everyone. Most of them actually involved Tom, one of the main characters in the first book. He gets a little emotional hearing about his best friend’s engagement, and at another point in the story has to check up on his Uncle David when he hears a firefighter was hurt even though he’d already been told it wasn’t David. I got warm fuzzies from both those moments, but if I’d just picked this book up blind I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about them. I really hope Karen has plans to give Tom his own book one of these days!

David and Olivia are both great characters, I have loved David for ages. I’m glad we finally get to know more about him and see him get over Dana, who I never thought was right for him anyway!

The suspense/mystery part of this story was so full of twists and turns. With Karen Rose, it isn’t about trying to figure out the “who”, it is trying to guess what the bad guys will do next or when the cops will finally catch up with them. Nonetheless, she usually manages to fit in plenty of shockers toward the end, and this book was no exception! I think my jaw actually dropped a couple of times.

So anyway, read Karen Rose. You will not regret it. She is the best at what she does.

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  • My 5 Monkeys(Julie) August 3, 2010, 3:48 pm

    like her books too and great romantic suspense and your right her worlds are inter connected with all the characters.

  • Kah Woei August 4, 2010, 2:31 am

    Hmmm … sounds like an exciting and intriguing read. Suspense and thrillers aren't my normal reads, but I'll keep this in mind.

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