My Top 10 Reads of 2010

10. Soulless by Gail Carriger

Hilarious and original. These characters are really well-written and fun to read about. The combination of steampunk/Victorian society/supernatural characters is magnificent. This was the first of a wonderful series, and I can’t wait for the fourth and fifth books to be published in 2011! Check out my review of Soulless here.

9. North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley

This book was gorgeous. The writing, characters and story all came together in that magic way that makes everything just click. Headley explores the real value and measure of beauty in a way that is hard to forget. Check out my review here!

8. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Until 2010, I had never picked up a Dessen. What on Earth was I waiting for? This was my first, and remains my favorite. Since reading this, I’ve plowed through the majority of her other books and loved them as well. This was one of the first reviews I posted on the blog, check it out here.

7. The Betrayal of the Blood Lily by Lauren Willig

Lauren Willig is one of my most beloved and respected authors. Her Pink Carnation series is absolutely fabulous, and this is the sixth book of the series. Even though I love them all, this addition is easily my favorite. I haven’t reviewed it on the blog, but check out my review of the newest book here.

6. Angelfire by C.A. Moulton

This is a 2011 debut, and when it is released in February I will definitely be buying a copy. This book has it all: romance, great characters, great plot…and the most well-written action scenes I’ve ever read. I’ll post a full review closer to the book’s publication, but check out my mini-review here.

5. Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am freakishly obsessed with this series. There are over 30 published books, and I have re-read them all numerous times. I re-read one or two of them probably once every month or two just because I can’t get enough of the characters. This is the thirty-second full-length book of the series, and it is the best yet. I’ll post my review in a couple of months when the book is released, but you can check out my review of the first book of the series here.

4. Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

This one took me by surprise. I love dystopian novels, and it is a 2011 debut, which is why I picked it up. However, I didn’t have any expectations for it because I haven’t heard any buzz on it yet at all. But let me tell you, this book is incredible. One of the best books I’ve ever read, and easily my favorite dystopian. Check out my initial thoughts of the book here, and look for my review closer to the book’s release in May!

3. Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

I’d never heard of Kristan Higgins before this year, but when this book was recommended by Lauren Willig on her blog, I went out and got a copy. I absolutely fell in love with everything about it and it quickly became one of my favorite contemporary romance novels. Since reading it, I’ve read every other book Higgins has published and loved them all. This one is definitely still my favorite though, check out my review here!

2. Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

I’m a big adult paranormal genre fan, so when I ran across these books on Goodreads I knew I wanted to read them. I remember adding this to my Goodreads TBR over a year ago, then I found a copy at a thrift store early this year and read it. I then immediately ran out and bought the rest of the published books so far and read through them in just a couple of days. Amazing series, I can’t wait for the fifth book to be released in 2011! Check out a post I did about the main character, Bones, here.

1. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

This was definitely the best book I read in 2010, and near the top of my list of favorite books ever. Everything about this novel is incredible. I could talk about it for hours. It is so beautifully written. I laughed, I cried, I got mad…I love every single thing about this book. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?!? Check out my review here.

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  • Sarah December 30, 2010, 2:23 pm

    I am reading Soulless right now and loving it. I read Awaken about a month ago.. and wow. I agree – it was amazing! I cannot wait for it to come out so I can buy myself a copy 🙂

  • Jéssica December 30, 2010, 2:33 pm

    I want to read so badly: Treachery in Death (I am freakishly obsessed with this series too).

    North of Beautiful (sounds simple and deliciously complex).

    The Sky is Everywhere (I'm so excited about this book. I've heard amazing things).

    Three words for the Night Huntress series: I. Love. It! After I finished reading it, I wanted to read it again and again. Jeaniene is a genius <3.

  • Misty December 30, 2010, 5:24 pm

    I do want to read The Sky is Everywhere, but I am still uncertain on Awaken. The concept just seems a little silly to me, far-fetched I guess. One of the best you've read, eh? I guess we'll see.

  • Allison December 30, 2010, 8:18 pm

    Misty, I think you'd like it! To me, the premise was a lot like Matched (which I didn't love)…just written much better.

  • Kelsey December 31, 2010, 10:12 pm

    Hey Allison,

    I hate to have to contact you here but I really need you to mail out Delirium for We Love YA Tours!

    Can you email me ASAP at weloveyatours (at) gmail (dot) com



  • gautami tripathy January 2, 2011, 2:29 pm

    Great picks!

    I read 95 books, not bad, considering I was in a reading slump for more than four months.

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a great reading year in 2011!!!

    Here are my Best Reads of 2010

  • Sarah January 3, 2011, 2:03 pm

    I've only read Awaken & Soulless — but I LOVED them both. I actually just reviewed Soulless. I will have to check the other books on your list out. 🙂

    That Bookish Girl

  • Victoria Victorious January 5, 2011, 12:51 am

    I have sooo much to read in the In Death series. I'm only on #7!!!

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