Review: Third Degree (Murder 101 #5) by Maggie Barbieri


On her way to meet her boyfriend’s parents, Alison Bergeron has to stop by a local coffee shop to steel her resolve. It’s a big event. Not only is it the first time she’s met NYPD Detective Bobby Crawford’s entire family, but it’s also coming on the heels of a wedding proposal that she has left unanswered so far. As she steps into the shop, a fight breaks out between Carter Wilmott, a merciless local blogger, and George Miller, the head of the town’s public works and the ostensible target of one of Wilmott’s posts. The brawl quickly spirals out of control, and George lands a fatal blow.

The case couldn’t be anymore simple, and Alison witnessed the whole thing, but when Wilmott’s car explodes in the aftermath, what looked to be a straightforward crime of passion becomes something far more complicated and premeditated, and George Miller’s wife wants Alison to clear her husband of the charges. (via Goodreads)

My Review:

Like I said in my review of the first four books, even though this series isn’t really that well written – something about them is compulsively readable anyway! The characters and their crazy shenanigans really are addicting, and I enjoyed reading the books. Usually character contradictions and the telling of emotions versus the showing and feeling of them are both big deal breakers – but somehow I keep forgiving Maggie Barbieri for her shortcomings as long as she keeps coming through and making me laugh.

Sometimes Alison and her random relationship issues are annoying, but I really love Crawford so really I’m just reacting to her pulling away. I want more of him! Luckily…he never lets her get too far before he yanks the sense back into her.

The mystery in this was fairly interesting – I had a couple of surprises along the way to the resolution. But…mainly I really did keep reading this books because Alison makes me laugh and I’m always wanting to see what she does next.

So, like I’ve already said – if you’re a Stephanie Plum/cozy mystery reader, these books are worth taking a look at. They aren’t perfect, but they’ll make you laugh!

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