Angel’s Blood & Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh

Summary of Angel’s Blood & Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh:

In the Guild Hunter series, New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh introduces a world of beauty and bloodlust where angels hold sway over vampires.

In Angel’s Blood, Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she’s the best—but she doesn’t know if she’s good enough for this job. Hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael, a being so lethal that no mortal wants his attention, only one thing is clear—failure is not an option…even if the task is impossible.

My Review of Angel’s Blood & Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh:

In the first book of the series, Angel’s Blood, we are introduced to Singh’s new world. It is a very original one – the angels rule and the vampires serve them. Oh sure, there is a government – but it is really the angels that have the power. The archangels, in particular. Our heroine, Elena, gets involved professionally with the archangel Raphael. Things get increasingly complicated as the story progresses. By the second book they become connected in a way neither of them could have originally imagined.

As far as paranormal romance goes, I would definitely say that this series focuses much more on the romance side of things than the fantasy/action side. There is a little more “oh-I-love-you-forever-and-ever-ness” here than you’ll find in some series. However…it isn’t enough to make the books overly cheesy – just a note for readers that prefer more focus on the urban fantasy/action side of things. I definitely recommend the series more for romance fans.

I really enjoyed both books, I read them both back-to-back in just a couple of days. It is easy to become involved with the characters and their story. The world is very captivating as well – it is very original, but not terribly complex or confusing. I loved learning about the archangel/angel/vampire system. It adds a lot to the series.

Elana and Raphael are great characters. Their positions in life make their interactions and the forming of their relationship very layered and difficult. They both definitely have to walk a fine line, especially after the way things progress into the second book. They end up forming a very strong (and intense) bond, but they have to play a dangerous political game, and it keeps them on their toes, and it definitely keeps the pages turning.

Overall, it is definitely a series I recommend picking up if you’re a fan of heavy-on-the-romance paranormals, because you’ll quickly get sucked into the world and very invested in the characters! I’m definitely looking forward to the release of the third book, Archangel’s Consort, in February.

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