The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood was a really nice surprise. I’ve read several of Julie’s other books – both romantic suspense and historical – and enjoyed them. This book however, I loved.

From the very beginning, the characters felt real. Between their interactions and the constantly moving plot, I immediately felt like I’d turned on the  TV. I could picture everything perfectly! (Of course, that might be in part because it begins in a hospital and I’ve spent way too many hours watching Grey’s Anatomy not to be familiar with that setting…) Dr. Ellie Sullivan is just finishing up her residency at a busy hospital. When she is out jogging one day, she witnesses a FBI agent being shot while in pursuit of a criminal duo. This leads her to become acquainted with Max Daniels, the agent in charge of interviewing her. Explosive. Immediate. Attraction. Whoa mama.

Luckily, there is nothing so silly as insta-love. The chemistry is off the charts, but it takes awhile for the rest to come along. I loved the progression of their relationship! Max learns that Ellie has had a lot more stress to deal with than just seeing a shooting – insert crazy life-long stalker here. Max’s protective instincts flare up and that, mixed with the sparks flying, means Max isn’t willing to leave Ellie’s side anytime soon…even if it means following her to her parents’ home for her sister’s wedding.

I really loved Max! He had just the right combination of dedicated cop and man-being-led-around-by-the-hormones. Seeing he and Ellie battle it out in regards to how they felt about one another was very realistic, very charming, and super sizzling. Their interactions mixed in with the dangers in Ellie’s life – both because she has a stalker and because she is a witness – keep the pages turning. I read the book in one sitting: putting it down was not an option! Definitely one of the best romantic suspense books I’ve read.

So, if you’re a fan of romance, suspense and/or mystery – this is definitely a book I declare worth reading! For those of you who have read Julie Garwood in the past and were thinking about passing this one by – I seriously recommend giving it another look. By far the best I’ve seen from her!

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