Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl is second in the Donovan Brothers Brewery trilogy. I previously reviewed the first, Good Girls Don’t, here. Unfortunately, this one didn’t quite live up to the fantastic chemistry of the first.

This one centers around bad boy younger brother Jamie, who painted a less than impressive picture in Good Girl’s Don’t. His immaturity and spontaneity landed his family in a mess of trouble. In this book, he meets an introverted and straight-laced woman about six years older than him and they become involved. However, for me their connection lacked both the meaning and electricity I’ve come to expect from Victoria Dahl.

It just seemed like  the characters were so busy trying to fit into stereotypical molds (the “misunderstood” bad boy and the uptight inexperienced older woman) that they felt like puzzle pieces that didn’t quite click together. Victoria can pen a steamy scene with the best of them, however, so they did come together quite well in that respect (if you have read this, I have two words for you: mirror scene).

I did really like both Jamie and Olivia though, so even though I wasn’t completely feeling them as a couple, I still enjoyed reading about them. Jamie, known as the screw-up of the family, has plans to improve and expand the Brewery. He is a nervous wreck about sharing them with his siblings, so Olivia works to help him develop and refine his ideas. Meanwhile, Jamie helps Olivia loosen up and learn how to have fun again after she has gone through a practical marriage and embarrassing divorce. They both have quite a bit of character development throughout the novel: that I can certainly appreciate!

So, while I felt the book had some serious issues that held it back from being as good as the first of the series, I did still enjoy getting to know the characters overall. I am definitely still anticipating reading the last book of the trilogy!

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  • April (Books&Wine) August 14, 2011, 7:22 am

    I really want to try Dahl, but I’m guessing this isn’t the one to start with. That sucks. Hopefully the rest are better.

    And yeah, chemistry is super important with romance novels!
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