BBAW Day 1: Community

Hey y’all! We’ve finally come around to another Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Today we’re supposed to highlight a couple of blogs that have added to our experience in some way….

First up is April at Good Books & Good Wine. Guys, she is the reason I blog. Hers was one of the first blogs I knew of and one of the first people in the community I ever talked to. We were Goodreads friends before either of us started blogging, and I’ve relied on her book opinions forever. When I first started, she was always willing to give me tons of advice – and still does! So not only is she my book soulmate (we have almost the exact same taste) but she is awesome!


Second is Ashley at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. You guys: this girl knows how to make you read her favorite books! She tirelessly campaigns for the authors that she believes in on Twitter, and has definitely been the reason I’ve picked up several books this year. I’ve come to trust her opinion and love her personality! You should not only check out her blog, but you should make sure to follow her on Twitter.


Lastly is a blogger I really don’t know that well personally: Jessica at a GREAT read. She is one of the most frequent and loyal commenters on my blog, and that makes her awesome. We all want comments, and this girl is definitely dependable!




There are so many other blogs and bloggers that I love, but April, Ashley and Jessica are definitely three that I appreciate a lot – make sure and check them out!


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