Character Q&A: Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Mary Lindsey’s debut young adult novel, SHATTERED SOULS, is scheduled for release in early December – I’ve had a chance to read it and I definitely got caught up in the story! The MC, Lenzi, finds out a lot about herself in a short time and has to make some tough decisions. I really loved her character – so, on the blog today, I have her answering some questions! Check it out and get to know her…then make sure and pick up the book in December!

1. Spring or Fall

Spring. It’s a new beginning.

2. Mornings or Evenings

Mornings. Again, like Spring, the morning is a fresh start. I need those.

3. Car or Bike

Well, I’d really like a car, but my mom won’t buy me one. Now that I’ve met Alden, it’s not that big a deal though because he has one.

4. Dogs: big or small?

Small. I’ve always wanted a dog, but my mom says they are way too much trouble. Alden’s dog Spook is the coolest dog ever, so I don’t mind not having one of my own so much.

5. Meat or Veggies

Both. I’ve toyed with the idea of cutting out the meat, but never really carried through because I love a good steak.

6. Shoes or Sandals

Sandals! It’s hot down here most of the year.

7. Chairs or Couches

A couch if Alden’s around. *wink*

8. Enchiladas or Tacos

I prefer enchiladas as long as they are not too spicy.

9. Mayo or Mustard

Mustard! Tasty and doesn’t get gross if a sandwich is heated.

10. Traveling: Europe or Asia?

I’d love to travel anywhere. Since my dad got sick a while back, we haven’t traveled at all.

11. Lemonade or Tea

Tea. Unsweetened tea.

12. Book Endings: HEA or bittersweet?

Happily ever after. It’s unrealistic and it never really happens, but a girl can dream, right?

13. Cell Phone: with internet or without?

Who would want to be without internet? With!

14. Colors: bold or neutral?

Bold. Red is my favorite color.

15. Dress Up or Throw on a T-Shirt

I like casual. T-shirt for sure.

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