C’mon Over to My House for Thanksgiving…

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You guys, picking this list of authors I’d invite over for Thanksgiving was like choosing my favorite celebrities.

When you read these author descriptions it’ll be like a lesson in creepy stalker behavior. I even scare myself.


1. Patrick Rothfuss. (Favorite book: Name of the Wind.) If I had to narrow it down to one, it’d be this guy. He is absolutely hilarious, his blog never fails to crack me up and his books are so beautiful and poetic. Β I’m not sure if I’d let him leave when the meal was over.

2. Jennifer Donnelly. (Favorite book: Tea Rose.) She writes both YA and adult historical fiction, and she is hands down one of the best writers out there. Her prose is gorgeous and lyrical and beautiful. She brings her characters and her settings to life. I would love to listen to her talk.

3. Karen Rose. (Favorite book: Don’t Tell.) She writes such amazing romantic suspense, and she is always so sweet and professional on Twitter. Talking to her would be fascinating.


4. Elizabeth Peters. (Favorite book: Crocodile on the Sandbank.) Having her over would be so much fun! Her characters are so witty and well-written, I know this woman is carrying a big personality.

5. Lauren Willig. (Favorite book: The Betrayal of the Blood Lily.) She is not only an awesome writer, but one of the smartest. You have to respect someone who gets a law degree and then decides to write historical romance instead. Love it! Also – her characters are always really funny and I’m guessing that means she is too. Laughing burns calories so she can offset some of my extra mashed potatoes.

6. Jennifer Crusie. (Favorite book: Bet Me.) Uh, yeah. Speaking of funny. This woman wins the humor award. Absolutely hilarious characters in often ridiculous situations – and she still manages the touching moments. Please come over to my house and impress my family.


7. Stephanie Perkins. (Favorite book: Anna and the French Kiss). We can talk about hot boys from France and then make fun of Nicholas Sparks. Win!

8. Deanna Raybourn. (Please don’t make me pick a favorite from the Lady Julia series.) This one would be doubly fun because my mom loves her books too. We can talk about creepy Gothic stuff and about really hot guys named Brisbane.

9. Nora Roberts. (also known as J.D. Robb, author of my favorite series – In Death.) Here is another woman I’d love to just listen to for hours. I can’t even imagine what her brain looks like. She has written literally hundreds of books, and probably has thousands more ideas rolling around up there. Plus, I want to beg her to never-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever end the In Death series. Ever.

10. J.K. Rowling. I almost left her off my list because, for her, having someone stare at her in awe for several hours would probably be uncomfortable. Plus, I don’t know if I could fit a throne through the doorway for her to sit on.

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