Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi is bursting with originality. This is a really easy book to get lost in. The setting is fascinating, as are the different dystopian societies we are introduced to. The characters make it extremely easy to fall into the story. These are people I started caring about almost immediately. Aria, a Dweller, has grown up in a very controlled and contained environment. Perry is an Outsider – used to fighting and killing on a regular basis for survival. Just wait and see what happens when their worlds collide!

She had only a second to absorb the fact that she hadn’t touched anyone in months…

I love when futuristic books emphasize the fact that a technology increase means a decrease in emotional and physical contact. That single sentence really hit me with how true it is in Aria’s world.

I also love how Veronica Rossi plays with evolution. When Aria and Perry first start interacting, the way they describe each other is fascinating. They are so different! The environment Perry’s people, as Outsiders, are accustomed to is pretty extreme. It has caused them to make crazy animalistic changes (both physically and mentally). I thought this was so realistic. Most dystopians don’t explore physical changes to this degree. Same goes with Aria. The Dwellers do genetic experiments that have caused them to stop developing normally. Kinda creepy, actually.

Sexy hand holding you guys, Sexy. Hand. Holding. Isn’t it funny how some books ratchet up the sexytimes and manage to be satisfyingly hot – but then some books can make stolen glances and simple touches even more sizzling? Under the Never Sky is definitely one of those books. Luckily – there are totally sexytimes too. Hot you guys. HOT.

I fell in love with Under the Never Sky in the first few pages and never looked back. I am already eagerly waiting to see what the rest of the series brings! This is a book you guys don’t want to miss. Trust me. Everything about it – from the different dystopian societies to the characterization to the plot is absolutely stellar. Bravo, Veronica Rossi!

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