Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Chasing Fire definitely highlights the strengths of Nora Roberts. She is so incredible at characterization and at making incredibly intense situations. A book full of smoke jumpers definitely makes for an incredible read!

Rowan Tripp is a seasoned jumper – she is respected and well-liked. Her father was also a jumper, and still lives in the area (now working as a skydiving instructor). As the new season starts, she helps train the rookies. She has strict rules about dating her fellow jumpers that she has never been tempted to break – until now. Gulliver Curry (I know, such an unfortunate name) is about to change all of that.

smoke jumpers

Another complication in Chasing Fire is the memory of a jumper that died the previous season. His brother is still around, and everyone is still trying  to get over what happened. Everyone includes Dolly – who had been sleeping with him (and everyone else). She has a baby that she claims was his. True? False? Who knows. Dolly is basically psycho. She blames Rowan for what happened and goes nuts. She trashes Rowan’s room with pig’s blood and gets herself into some major trouble. Oh the drama.

Then things get really interesting. Rogue gunmen, equipment tampering and dead bodies kind of interesting.

I love these characters, y’all! Rowan and Gull both have really appealing personalities.  They’re cocky,  tough, witty – before you even add in the whole firefighting hero thing. Reading about them jumping into fires was fascinating. I loved it. It is so incredible that there are people out there that really do this – I think Chasing Fire is a nice tribute to them. I know Nora Roberts did research to try and get things right.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

I really think Chasing Fire has something for everyone. Mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, contemporary – whatever your genre is, Chasing Fire has it. Definitely up there among the most memorable from Nora Roberts!

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