Firelight by Kristen Callihan

Firelight by Kirsten Callihan was a surprise! I started it, intending to just read a few pages. The chapters were nice and short so I kept thinking “just one more…” and ended up reading the entire thing! This is Beauty and the Beast unlike you have ever imagined.

The first word that comes to mind to describe Firelight is enticing. Definitely a book to remember. (Plus, a blurb from Diana Gabaldon!) Take Beauty and the Beat, throw in some Phantom of the Opera and a hit of Satanic evil and we have got ourselves a story!

I was in love with both the main characters by the end of the prologue of Firelight. Their first intense and mysterious encounter was definitely enough to make me want to keep reading. Kristen Callihan excels at giving readers little bits of information at a time – just enough to entrance.

Both Archer and Miranda kept me fully intrigued from beginning to end. Kristen also has that special power that only great writers have – being able to organize words in such a way that the tone is heavy enough to feel.

I really appreciate the balance of genres as well. The historical, mysterious, paranormal and romance are all important to the plot and characters. You guys won’t believe the way Firelight unfolds, seriously. I was over halfway into the book before I figured out what it was even really about.

I already mentioned Kristen Callihan giving little bits of information at a time, but that is understating it. The way the mystery and suspense builds? So masterfully done. Are we sure this is a debut author?

(My awe at how fantastically Firelight builds on itself is why I’m not mentioning any specifics whatsoever in my review.)

And as for the romance – oh yeah. There is romance. The first kiss between Archer and Miranda is one of the hottest everrrr. And the sexytimes? On fire. (ha! A pun. Read the book and prepare to laugh at my astounding wit.)

Anyway, the sequel, Moonglow (which features Miranda’s sister), will also be released in 2012. You better believe I’ll be putting my hot little hands on it at the earliest possible moment. This is a series I will unquestionably be following. It might only be January – but I have a strong feeling Firelight will be appearing on my Best of 2012 list.

Firelight is such a darkly atmospheric read, you guys. I cannot recommend it highly enough to fans of historical fiction and/or paranormals and/or urban fantasy and/or romance of any kind. Basically, Kristen Callihan has included something for everyone!

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You guys: the ebook is only $5.99. I promise you: SO WORTH IT!

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