Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

I haven’t read that many novels in verse. Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay is my third. I continue to be impressed by the way authors can find a way to say just as much in free verse as most authors can say via traditional writing!

So, Marcie’s dad comes out of the closet. Cue Marcie’s mom dragging her away from Idaho to New Hampshire and falling into a pit of depression. Marcie tries to navigate a place where she has no friends and misses her boyfriend. Then, her dad comes to take her back to Idaho. Now Marcie has to face some decisions that she made that she might now regret…

I loved so much about Sarah Tregay’s writing in Love and Leftovers. I love all the personalities that seemed so well defined after only a couple lines of verse. I love that Marcie and her friends refer to themselves as “leftovers.” I love that the ugly emotions involving divorce and Marcie’s mistakes are not glossed over.

Love and Leftovers reminded me of Forever by Judy Blume in its treatment of teenage sexuality. Very frank and straightforward. Like Sarah Tregay was saying “Hey! This is how teenage girls really are. I’m not sugarcoating anything. Get over it.” Nothing is overly graphic or anything, but y’all. The sexytimes. They are present.

Marcie and the leftovers listened to Bowling For Soup. You guys! Bowling For Soup! My two best friends and I used to constantly listen to them. We would crank them up and sing like crazy people. Sarah Tregay definitely took me back to high school.

Basically, I thought Love and Leftovers was awesome. If you haven’t tried novels and verse, I don’t see a problem trying this one out first. The plot and the characters are fantastic and will definitely help you navigate the different writing form. If you are already a verse fan – Sarah Tregay has definitely written a book you’ll want to read!

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