Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas

Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) by Amy Thomas is a really enchanting memoir, y’all (or is it primarily a travelogue? I don’t know…you tell me. Pin a tail on the genre). The super accessible writing style and charming chocolate addiction of Amy Thomas won me over immediately.

It is really ironic that I decided to pick up a copy of Paris, My Sweet at all. I actually spent three days in Paris a few years ago and was less than impressed. Of course, three days didn’t really give the city a fair shake to impress me. All I got to do was the cliched touristy things. But, I was intrigued by Amy Thomas’ background and the mention of chocolate – so I let myself be lured. I’m oh-so-glad I did!

I’ve already used the words charming and enchanting – but allow me to just go ahead and say them again. Paris, My Sweet is nothing if it is not those things. Foodies: take note. Even if you have less than zero interest in reading a book about a woman living in Paris, this is still a book for you.

Chocolate isn’t our author’s only obsession. Seriously! Her orgasmic description of biting into a fresh baguette had me eyeing even my Sara Lee sandwich bread longingly.

Also, you will be insanely jealous of Amy Thomas in the first few chapters. From a life she loves in NYC to a dream job in Paris? Yeah. We can all feel free to hate her. On top of all that, she goes and writes an incredibly creative and witty novel. Now you can really hate her. (But then you have to feel bad when her love of two cities causes an identity crisis later in the book and you’re reminded she really is just human…)

Following her around the streets of Paris on her rented bicycle is an experience. Her down-to-Earth writing makes her feel like a friend that is showing you around. The things she is interested in (food, beautiful landscapes, people) are things I’m interested in.

Paris, My Sweet might be non-fiction, a memoir and a travelogue – but it felt more like a personal letter. I’m so glad that she is also a blogger! Just another level I can relate to her on.

I promise you guys – you will not regret letting Amy Thomas give you her Parisian tour in Paris, My Sweet. Grab a postcard of the Eiffel Tower and a few bars of chocolate and prepare to be transported! I might not  have fallen in love with Paris when I visited, but I fell in love with Amy Thomas’ Paris!

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