Fair Game by Liz Young

Y’all, I love British romantic comedies so much. Fair Game by Liz Young just reminded me why. (It is known as A Promising Man (And About Time, Too) in America.) The characters are hilarious and cranky. The settings are always a nice break from big cities in the USA. The writing a little less contained. They definitely make me happy.

Harriet Grey is a little tired of drama. After all – she lives with it daily. Her best friend, Sally, is also a new mom. She adores the baby, but she is a little over Sally’s Debbie Downer attitude. When she runs into John Mackenzie, he seems like the perfect man. Except…isn’t he dating Harriet’s arch nemesis? Well, whether he is or not they seem to keep running into each other. Then they end up spending Christmas together as well. So, is he the man for Harriet or not? Heck – is he even available at all?

Fair Game has one of those comedy of errors plots. Constant misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions keep our characters from being together. This goes for Harriet and John AND for Sally and her love interest (another thing I’ve noticed about British rom coms is that they put more emphasis on side characters). Liz Young definitely knows how to keep her readers guessing.

Now, admittedly – the misunderstanding  thing can get a little old. Harriet’s bullheadedness took on Mount Everest sized proportions. I wanted to hit her. I wanted to yank out her hair. I wanted her to just plant one on John Mackenzie already. But, sigh. If she’d done that she wouldn’t be Harriet. Even when I was frustrated, I loved the characters in Fair Game.

There are definitely some hot sexy moments, even among all the unneeded drama. All the tension just made it better. Liz Young knows what she is doing, y’all!

By the end of Fair Game, I was really invested in the characters. I was thrilled to see how things turned out in the end! I definitely think this one is worth reading if you’re a fan of contemporary romance. Especially if you’re intrigued by reading one set in England!

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