Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks is a really fun and quick graphic novel read. Seriously you guys, I loved Maggie, the protagonist, and her family.

Maggie has been home schooled by her mother her entire life, but now her mother has left and she is about to start her first day of high school. To say she is nervous would be a bit of an understatement. She doesn’t have much experience with friends – just three older brothers. The oldest is a great mentor to her throughout the book, he was always there when she need to talk. I thought that was awesome!

So, as she is making friends, she also starts interacting with a ghost in the neighborhood graveyard. The paranormal element in Friends with Boys is pretty light – most of the book focuses on Maggie and her new high school experience. So, if you’re normally not a fan of the whole ghost thing – you should definitely still give Friends with Boys a try.

For the record: there isn’t really a romance element to the story, but she has a new friend with a mohawk who is totally cute – if there was a sequel I bet they’d definitely date.

So many things that Faith Erin Hicks included in the story are excellent. For instance: a school play about zombies who eat brains. Also, two of Maggie’s older brothers are twins that are trying to figure out how to have identities apart from each other. I could not get enough of the amazing character interaction found throughout Friends with Boys.

Even if you’re fairly new to the world of graphic novels – I think Friends with Boys is a great place to start. Maggie is a character who is easy to care about, and you’ll totally fall in love with her family and new friends as well.

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