She’s No Princess by Laura Lee Guhrke

She’s No Princess is the third Laura Lee Guhrke novel I’ve picked up. I enjoyed both previous ones quite a bit – so I was definitely looking forward to this one. While I did enjoy it, I definitely had more issues with it than I’ve had previously.

There was one point, early on in She’s No Princess, that I started feeling let down. The characterization on some of the characters seemed messy and contradictory. Why was Laura Lee Guhrke dropping the ball? Luckily, she’d earned the right to a little trust from me and I kept reading. Come to find out: one of the characters was being manipulated and I ended up believing the same things she did! You got me, Laura Lee Guhrke. You got me. Nothing was off about anything: I was just extremely gullible. Sigh. Author: 1. Allison: 0.

I realize that was extremely confusing and vague, but you don’t expect me to spoil it for you, do you? She’s No Princess definitely has some layers that peel away slowly but surely.

Lucia is the illegitimate daughter of a prince. She has never gotten any attention from him, and she becomes sort of a wild child constantly hoping to be noticed. Well: let’s all watch as this plan blows up in her face. Her father notices alright, but not exactly in the way Lucia hoped. She ends up running away to London, and her dad has an extremely successful British diplomat play matchmaker and start trying to find her a husband.

Needless to say, Lucia doesn’t like this change of events. She also isn’t a huge fan of Sir Ian Moore, said diplomat. At least not at first…

Y’all, Ian and Lucia are really something else. They definitely don’t get along at first. Ian is pretty frustrated to be stuck with such a sucky job, and is therefore not as understanding as he could be. Lucia is used to acting recklessly (and somewhat selfishly). They end up working together a lot more successfully than either of them thought possible!

The plot of She’s No Princess is definitely fairly original – I’ve never come across these exact circumstances before. Laura Lee Guhrke is fantastic at writing female characters that are willing to stand up for themselves, and Lucia definitely does that! Still…despite the fact that I appreciated the plot arc and the characters: I found She’s No Princess to be pretty slow in parts. Not a lot of action here, people.

This is definitely not a Laura Lee Guhrke novel I’ll be interested in reading again – but I am glad I read it once. The characters infused the glacier speed of the story with a lot of humor and personality. If you’re not in the mood for an action packed read – this might be one you should pick up!

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