Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux

This is, I promise you, a review of Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux. But I have to preface my review with overall series fangirling first…

You guys, I pride myself on not really having a reading “comfort zone.” I try to keep an open mind about everything…whatever it may be. I’ll read it. Then, awhile back, someone recommended a gay romance series to me and I was hesitant. Not really my thing – especially with explicit love scenes involved. (Not that I’m a sexytimes scene hater. Come on: have you met me?)

Then I read Cut & Run, the first book of this series. I haven’t looked back. I am a huge-stay-up-all-night-to-read-them-for-the-tenth-time-would-even-read-fanfiction level fangirl for these characters. Two FBI agents with enough baggage to fill an ocean liner originally get partnered up to catch a serial killer. Then sparks fly, cougars attack, and (literal) bombs go off. This series definitely brings the action and suspense along with the romance. I cannot recommend it highly enough – just start at the beginning, meet Ty and Zane. You’ll be converted. Promise.

So, as for the newest installment, Armed & Dangerous? Best. Yet. The first four books were co-authored and this was the first written solely by Abigail Roux. I really wasn’t worried, I was actually looking forward to seeing how things went with a more streamlined writing approach. Sometimes the POV changes in the first books were jarring – that is now 100% fixed.

Ty and Zane get tasked to bring in a federal informant. For the first time we are seeing them interact after they have both finally admitted that they’re in luuuuuuurve. The previous hesitations and awkwardness in their relationship? Gone. I spent the entire book in a constant state of sa-woon. Seriously, some of their dialogue had me puddled on the floor. Sigh. Anyway…

We get to see Ty’s brother Deuce again, which is great. I loved him previously, and I loved him this time around. He has some things going on in his life that might be creating some Grady family drama very shortly! (Sorry to be vague, but I’m assuming that most people reading this haven’t read the series yet, so I’m trying to be mostly spoiler free.)

We also see Ty’s best friend Nick, who I haven’t liked so much in the past. Abigail Roux did a good job at convincing me he isn’t a total douchenozzle though, so maybe I won’t grimace next time I see him! I was thrilled to finally know some of what he and Ty went through while in the Marines (even though it was horrible).

Y’all seriously need to forget being limited by a reading comfort zone and give this series a try! You’ll find out very quickly why Ty Grady and Zane Garrett hold a very high place on my list of all time favorite characters. Plus, the entire series is easily affordable in ebook form.

Armed & Dangerous is the best book yet in one heck of a brilliant series! (And Abigail, if you’re reading this – you rocked it writing solo!)

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Here is an excerpt (because I thought it was funny):

“We’ll solve this like men.”
“What do you want, MacGuffin, a duel?”
“No.” Julian held out both hands, one palm flat, the other held over it in a fist. “Rock, paper, scissors. Two out of three.”
Ty rolled his eyes and held out his fist, apparently willing to play. Julian hit his palm three times, and Ty kept time with his fist in the air.
But when Julian threw a paper, Ty reached into his jacket with his other hand and pulled his gun, aiming it at Julian.
“Ty!” Zane said in exasperation from the front seat.
“Glock, paper, scissors. I win.”

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  • April Books & Wine May 21, 2012, 8:04 pm

    Douchenozzle is like my 15th favorite word. As you are totally usually on the money with book recommendations, I will check this series out.
    April Books & Wine recently posted..Enchanted Alethea Kontis Book ReviewMy Profile

  • Mandi May 22, 2012, 9:12 am

    Isn’t this a fab series? LOVE so much 🙂


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