Unlocked by Courtney Milan

Unlocked by Courtney Milan is a novella, taking place between the first and second books in the Turner trilogy. I really liked Elaine in Unveiled, so I was thrilled to see that it was her turn for a story!

I’ve talked before about being wary of novellas. I’m always afraid the characterization will suffer because of the shorter length. Sometimes I am proved wrong. Unlocked, unfortunately, did let me down to a degree.

This is only my second time reading Courtney Milan, but I am already a fan. Unlocked does not change that. I liked the characters and appreciated the plot line. I just think the story had way too many layers to make it fit in a smaller box. There were complications and intricacies here that would have filled a full-length novel beautifully!

Westfeld comes home to England after several years away. At his first public appearance, he runs into Elaine. Elaine of the horse laugh. The Elaine that he used to regularly torment. Too bad no one knows why he was so terrible to her. How will Elaine react when he apologizes? Will she believe him?

Y’all, Elaine and Westfeld both really were great characters. I just couldn’t appreciate them fully because things developed far too quickly. And then, when more time was needed, Unlocked just skipped ahead nine months.

Ultimately, I believe that being a novella kept Unlocked from reaching its potential as a fully developed historical romance. However: if you do enjoy Courtney Milan and the Turner brothers trilogy, it is still worth reading (especially for less than $1)!

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