No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose

Y’all, Karen Rose is one of the authors I admire most. I have read and loved every single one of her books. Sometimes authors, even the best ones, have off days. One or two of their books just don’t quite live up to the rest. Well, Karen Rose doesn’t have that problem. Ever. No One Left to Tell is book #13 and she is going strong.

No One Left to Tell might actually rank up there with my favorites of her books. Paige Holden and Grayson Smith are awesome characters, and the plot was intricately weaved and detailed. My favorite thing about Karen Rose is that her characterization and plotting are always both masterfully done – she doesn’t sacrifice one for the other.

The way  the story was told actually reminded me of a season of 24, one of my all-time favorite TV shows. When things start, Paige Holden is on the scene of a shooting – and surprise, the victim is someone she knows. We meet the sniper, who has a guilty conscience. Elsewhere, there is a guy behind the scenes pulling strings to make sure key people die so certain truths won’t be brought to light. Then, we go to the suburbs and meet a random couple, one of whom has a secret. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? How does it connect? What is going on already?

Every page is action-packed, the characters all have amazing chemistry – both romantic and platonic – and everything is just so high-charged. I loved seeing characters from the previous book, You Belong to Me, have parts to play. (All her books are connected to some degree, but they all work find as stand-alones too. No worries either way.)

Seriously, I know all of my reviews for her books  turn into fangirl ramblings, but I can’t help it! This woman continually blows my mind, and No One Left to Tell is certainly no exception to the norm. If you like romantic suspense and/or mysteries and/or contemporary romance – you should definitely listen to me!

Whether you want to start at the beginning with Karen Rose’s first book, Don’t Tell, or pick up her most recent release doesn’t matter – just don’t let this author’s work pass you by!

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