Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale

Seducing Mr. Knightly is fourth in Maya Rodale’s Writing Girls series. I’ve only read one of the other books in the series, but I didn’t at all find myself at a disadvantage. The characters are interesting and made the book a blast to read!

Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale

You guys, the beginning of Seducing Mr. Knightly took me back to high school (in a good way). You know…back in the days where you have a crush on the really hot guy but don’t have the guts to do anything about it? Well, Annabelle Swift has had enough of that. She takes the bull by the horns and devises a plan to get her man. She writes a regular newspaper column answering questions and giving advice – so she asks her readers for seduction tips. Boy, do they answer…(mad props to Annabelle for actually climbing that tree in the middle of the night…)

As for Mr. Knightly, I have to say: I’m impressed. He is NOT a perfect hero, y’all. He has flaws, and Maya Rodale isn’t shy about displaying them. Prominently. It made me like him so much more, because he felt like a real person. Then…he goes and pulls what can only be called a DICK MOVE. Like, a punch him in the face and stomp all over his manly bits piece of jackassery. Even though it made me hate him a little, I was so much more invested in his character after being given the opportunity to watch him learn from his mistakes. The moment when he realized how stupid he was being? I actually felt my heart wrench. There was melting. Sa-woon.

The plot (you know, the thing in romance novels that distracts you from the good stuff) involved a scandal at a competing newspaper that had all of London on the warpath against crazy invasive reporting tactics. Companies were shutting down…reporters were being arrested…crazytown! At first, I was kinda just annoyed by the whole thing because I wanted to get back to the swoonage, but I actually ended up getting sucked in and wanting to see how things turned out on this front!

So, this is random, but there is reference to gentlemen being N.S.I.C., which I at first read as N.C.I.S. and got confused about why one of my favorite TV shows about Navy cops would be relevant in a historical romance novel. Once I got done laughing at myself for being a moron, I appreciated the cleverness of N.S.I.C. – which stands for Not Safe in Carriages. This should be a thing. I love me a good carriage tryst.

So, basically Seducing Mr. Knightly is one of the better historical romances I’ve picked up in a long while. I absolutely loved seeing Annabelle take matters into her own hands and fight for what she wanted instead of just passively letting her life happen. (And I only laughed at her a little when she kept embarrassing herself horribly!)

To Sum it  Up:

  • After having an unrequited crush on her boss for YEARS, Annabelle Swift decides to finally do something about it. From lowering her bodice to breaking into his house – she is one determined lady.
  • I will be stealing adopting the term N.S.I.C. you guys: Not Safe in Carriages. Oh the rakes, how they make me swoon…
  • Both the plot and characters definitely had me turning the pages: read it in one sitting! Definitely recommended.

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  • April Books & Wine October 30, 2012, 9:58 am

    Ahahahaha she lowers her bodice ahahahaha.

    I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE, if only to laugh a little.

    But also for the scandal.

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