Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners

I picked up Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners not sure what to expect. I normally stick to contemporary romance and steer clear of books classified as “chick lit.” After reading this synopsis, I decided to make an exception. AHH I AM SO GLAD I DID. I have some CAPSLOCK ENTHUSIASM for this read, y’all.

Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners

First of all: Grace Grows has an original soundtrack. Could things get any better? Tyler Wilkie, the male MC, is a musician. The songs he writes and sings in the book have actually been recorded. Plus, the lyrics don’t suck. I’m normally pretty blah about books with original lyrics/poems/etc. in them because I feel awkward about it when they aren’t very good or meaningful and don’t add much to the story. Luckily, these are fabulous.

where she’s just the world to me
just a girl who knows
I could be good I could be bad
I could be what she’s never had
And I can be wrong but you can be sure
I could be anything for her

Maybe now that I’m an old lady (I turned 26 this year, y’all. TWENTY-SIX.), I just appreciate the chick lit genre more than I used to. Seeing a relationship develop over years and have consequences and difficulties was a breath of fresh air – Grace Barnum and Tyler Wilkie have an extremely complicated relationship that takes a lot of time and effort to finally succeed.

When Grace Grows begins, Grace is in another relationship. Tyler Wilkie is a recent transplant to the city – just another musician trying to make it. Even though she can barely tolerate how he disrupts her need for order – she can’t quite make herself stay away from him. Maybe it is the gorgeous angsty music he writes about her – or how hotttt he is. (Seriously, this dude IS hot.) As the years go by, their interactions change and evolve as they become friends, more than friends, awkward acquaintances…

Their hard times just made me want it that much more – for them to be together. Same goes for their faults – both Grace and Tyler make PLENTY of mistakes and bad decisions. Seeing them misstep made them feel all the more real.

Seriously you guys, I was so wrapped up in the Gralkie (Grace + Wilkie – yes, no?) soap opera. I laughed, I cried, I yelled. (Luckily, the yelling was only internal. Mostly.) I was SO INVESTED in this story that it might have been a little unhealthy.

I read Grace Grows as an egalley, but this is definitely a story I will be investing in so I can set a copy on my shelves to reread in the future. Multiple times. I haven’t had nearly enough time with these characters and their story.

To Sum it Up:

  • YOU GUYS. If this is any indication of what I’ve been missing by not reading more chick lit, consider me a convert.
  • Watching two people live their lives and make mistakes over the course of many years was a nice change from the straight up romance novels I usually stick to.
  • I was completely invested in these characters – I read Grace Grows in one sitting, dying to see where they would end up and if they’d end up there together.

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