On Being an Oklahoman Obsessed With Author Appearances…

So, as you guys know…I live in Oklahoma. Not a lot of author signing tours come through here…in fact, I have been to a sum total of NONE.

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Following authors and publishers online and talking to my fellow bloggers on Twitter can be a little depressing, you guys. Whenever a book tour or author appearance is announced, I don’t even bother checking to see where it is anymore! Because if I know one thing, I know this: it won’t be in Oklahoma.

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Then, sometimes, it will be a friend of mine getting to meet authors whose books we love and/or who seems like a lot of fun via blog posts and Twitter conversations. A week or so after they’ve met <insert awesome author’s name here>, a signed and personalized book shows up in my mailbox. Very cool…but still. A consolation prize.*

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Then, one cold, dry and lonely Oklahoma winter’s day – completely indistinguishable from all the others before it – I come across some slightly unbelievable news. An author is coming…HERE. To Oklahoma. To MY CITY.

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Did I mention exactly WHO this author was? It wasn’t enough just to be any old published hack off the street (face it, at this point if your Great Uncle Pete published his memoir about staring at a blank wall for 40 years, I’d show up to cheer him on)…it wasn’t enough to be just another New York Times bestselling author…it had to be MY FAVORITE AUTHOR OF ALL TIME. *cue incredulous gasps and holy trumpeters*

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So, yeah. I got to cross meeting my hero off the bucket list. Since I’m having fun pretending like it is some big secret – despite the fact that you know who I’m talking about if you know me at all – I’ll leave you with a hint:

mysterious bearded man

(If this isn’t proof that I missed my calling as a professional photographer, I don’t know what is.)

Check back for the actual signing recap tomorrow!

*I actually don’t mean that at all. I love, treasure and appreciate both the awesome signed books my friends send me and the amazing friends themselves. <3 This is basically all an excuse to be dramatic about meeting my favorite author and to do a gif post.
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