Down London Road by Samantha Young

After reading and enjoying Samantha Young in the past, I’ve been looking forward to Down London Road for months. Well, I am here to tell you, several hours of crying, laughing and squealing like a lunatic later…it completely blew me away! This is definitely one of the better contemporary romances I have read lately.

Down London Road Samantha Young

Jo has a tough family life and hides behind some pretty strong walls so that no one can penetrate down to see how awful her life really is. She basically lives for her brother Cole. Until Cameron comes into the picture. First, he is just another hot toolbag that looks at her like she’s dirt. Then he accidentally gets a peek into an episode of Real Life: Johanna Walker and things start changing. For the sexier. (Like combusting just from a kiss on the forehead sexier.)

So basically, Down London Road is a companion novel to On Dublin Street (for the record, it stands alone just fine). As much as I loved On Dublin Street, it has been long enough since I read it that I really didn’t remember anything about Jo. So, I read the synopsis and about how she seeks out rich guys to date and  thought “ugh.” That’s right, you  guys. I WAS A JUDGEY MCJUDGERSON. So when I started the book and Cam acted the same way, I couldn’t even be mad at the schlub. I was, however, equally as ashamed. Jo is a freakin’ awesome character.

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. All the characters, you guys. I especially love them together. From Jo and Cole interacting with Braden’s family to simpler one-on-one conversations: it was all fabulous. Basically, Samantha Young rocks the dialogue like crazy. There were plenty of hot looks and so on but the words alone were enough to amp up the sexual tension. I loved that. I’m sure there are other authors that are equally successful at bringing on the sexy via dialogue alone – I just can’t think of any of them right now because I’m still in my Down London Road happy place.

You guys know that clunky foreshadowing is my number one pet peeve, and there definitely is some of that in Down London Road. Sorta. At the beginning of many of the chapters, there would be declarations along the lines of “All that sexual tension finally came to a head” or “All those feelings finally caused me to explode on Sunday.” You know, basically announcing what was about to happen in case you felt like skipping that chapter (ha). Instead of being annoyed by those like I normally would have been, I found myself reacting like a trained seal. “Oh goodie, *claps hands* snacks!” So, instead of rolling my eyes, I got super excited to read on. Samantha Young is one crafty lady.

Seriously – Down London Road is a must-read. I really did laugh, cry and fist pump my way through this entire book. The characterization is phenomenal and I can’t wait for more.

To Sum it Up:

  • MY EMOTIONS. I was beyond invested in this story you guys, I was like a dude watching football. (I didn’t actually scream FOUL! at anyone though, for which we can all be grateful.)
  • The dialogue was brilliant. Samantha Young has some fierce writing chops.
  • This is definitely going on my list of go-to recommendations for people interested in the contemp romance genre.

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