Never a Hero by Marie Sexton

When Riptide offered me a review copy of Never a Hero by Marie Sexton, I immediately said YES PLEASE. She previously wrote a series set in Colorado that I really enjoyed – they were some of the first gay romance books I ever picked up…so I was more than willing to check out her newest release. While this is the 5th in a series, it still stands alone just fine and I really enjoyed reading it.

Never a Hero Marie Sexton

Owen Meade has basically made himself into a shut-in. He was born with only one arm and his WORTHLESS CRAPPY I HATE HER SO MUCH mother has pretty much convinced him that he is worthless. Then he gets a hot neighbor, the lucky dog. Bonus? Nick is a vet! Hot? check. Loves animals? check. Has no problem with Owen’s situation? check. So yeah, basically the perfect man, right? Um, not so much. Mr. Nick has some big scary issues of his own that come out later in Never a Hero. Two words: Game Changer.

When they first meet, Owen is pretty shocked that Nick doesn’t even bat an eye over his missing arm – and then he finds out Nick’s sister was born with the same condition. When I first read that in the synopsis, I figured that it would come off really goofy in the actual story. Like…what are the odds, right? Well, after reading the book and meeting Nick’s awesome sister – I don’t care how big a coincidence it was! I loved it and how everything came together.

I really loved the characters in Never a Hero. They were – by far – where the book most excelled. In the beginning, Owen is pretty lost and alone. He really needed a Nick in his life to give him a different perspective on the way he was living existing. (He also needed a Nick in his life to force him to get a little fresh air.) I really enjoyed seeing Owen stop freaking out so much about his arm every 2 seconds and start taking some chances.

Another thing I really loved? Just when it started looking like Owen and Nick’s relationship was all about Owen leaning on Nick? ENTER IN THE INTENSITY. All of a sudden, Nick is the one that is lost and alone and Owen has to decide if he is willing – or even able – to step up and be who Nick needs him to be. I was really happy that the entire book wasn’t filled with Owen being needy and Nick being the strong one. Turning the tables was an excellent move on Marie Sexton’s part.

Sigh. Even though there are coincidences and angst and truth bombs galore, I absolutely loved both Owen and Nick and I wanted them to get their HEA. If you’re all about the character-driven romance? Oh yeah, Never a Hero is the book for you.

To Sum it Up:

  • I loved these characters. I was hardcore rooting for Nick and Owen both!
  • The plot is constantly throwing out twists and issues and angst and…you get the picture. But when it came down to it, I was willing to get through whatever I had to in order to make sure my boys got it together in the end.
  • I am definitely a Marie Sexton fan, y’all. She has written some of the best books I’ve come across in the m/m genre.

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