In Which I Achieve A Personal Life Goal and Meet Patrick Rothfuss, or The Best Day Ever…

You guys…after blogging for three years, I finally get to post a recap of an author signing! I was so incredibly beyond excited to get a chance to attend an author event for the first time – especially considering the author.

Patrick Rothfuss

(To see a overly dramatic .gif presentation of me whining about living in a state that authors don’t normally visit, check out my last post here.)

Anyway, I  mentioned above that I’ve been blogging for three years – this month is actually my blogoversary! I chose to begin my blog with thoughts on my all time favorite read: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. And now, almost exactly three years later, I got to meet the man himself! How cool is that? My blog has come full circle. (Literally, actually. The name of the Oklahoma City bookstore he visited is Full Circle Books.)

Full Circle Books

Anyway, seriously. Best day ever. I have mentioned more than once on the blog that if I could meet any one person on the planet – he is who I’d choose. Guess I can cross that off the bucket list!

In person, he is basically everything I expected. His blog is so articulate, intelligent and – above all – hilarious. I was beyond thrilled to discover that he is all of things in person as well! If you’ve been to one of his events, you know that the first rule of fight club a Rothfuss signing is that you don’t talk about fight club the Rothfuss signing. Still…I think I can give a few highlights without breaking the code.

  • When I first got to Full Circle, I did that awkward coming-in-as-someone-else-is-leaving-who-grabs-the-door-handle-first dance with a couple of people…only to discover that it was Patrick Rothfuss and his assistant/publicist/minion/person-I-wish-I-was. Also, he held the door open for me. (So, just in case you were worried? NO. He is not a jackass. At least not in public.) I tried to be cool, calm and collected and stuck with a simple “Thank you!” in return. Hopefully the uncontrollable drooling, squeaky voice and tripping over my own feet all went unnoticed. 
  • This is completely random and none of you care, but there was totally a guy I went to high school with there. And heck, while I’m being thorough: He bought a cookie in the little cafe. Perhaps more importantly, his copy of The Name of the Wind was well-worn. Attendance approved.
  • I discovered fairly quickly that my camera battery is fried and about had a mental collapse at the thought of not getting pictures. Then I met an awesome woman named Aimee with a kick ass camera. (I promise I would have befriended her even if I didn’t need to use her for picture-taking capabilities.)
  • During the Q&A session, he completely blew me away. Basically everything he said was awesome…from discussing various other fantasy authors and books to Joss Whedon to Worldbuilders. He was great at riffing off of comments from the crowd, impromptu humor is the best.
  • Also, he gave a quick little interesting lecture on how he chooses names for things and on the importance and various complications of word usage. Instant nerdgasm.
  • Unfortunately, there was no specific news on the next book release. I was super proud of everyone for being too classy to ask, though!
  • While waiting in line for the greater part of eternity to get my books signed, I talked to Aimee-of-the-awesome-camera and another couple about everything from Dr. Who to horrendous bridesmaids dresses to what the best podcasts on iTunes are. Obviously they were all awesome. (Also, I totally geeked over the fact that Aimee loves the In Death series as much as me.)
  • He was really great about taking his time with everyone during the signing and making sure people felt like they got worthwhile individual attention.

He was so sweet about everything, seriously! I love that man. This picture is basically my new prized possession:

Me with Patrick Rothfuss

Having these doesn’t hurt either…although getting the books signed was nothing compared to the rest of the experience:

signed patrick rothfuss books

Even if you aren’t normally a big fantasy reader, or just haven’t gotten around to picking up his books – I highly recommend attending if he holds an event in your area. He is so entertaining…he’ll win you over almost immediately. Promise! The same could be said for his writing too, of course…

The Name of the Wind

The books might seem daunting if you’re not used to epic fantasy tomes, but all you have to do is crack ‘er open and start reading…

“It was night again. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts…”

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