Poison by Bridget Zinn

When someone says the words “stand alone fantasy adventure romance” to me? I try and snatch the book right out of their hot little hands. Poison by Bridget Zinn is all of those things and more, so I can only wonder WHY I waited so long to pick it up. You guys, this book was awesome!

Poison Bridget Zinn

Kyra, a teenage poison savant, is on the run for the slightly possibly a little bit illegal attempted murder of a princess (who also happens to be her bestie). From the beginning though, it is easy to trust that the girl has her reasons. Hey – I’ve trusted worse people with a lot less to go on (fictionally speaking, of course). So, with her expertly concocted poisons in hand, she is now a fugitive hiding out in the forest. Cue a crazy Hansel-and-Gretel-you-look-tasty style witch, being hunted down by her old friends and an unexpected ally in the form of super-hot Fred, the random guy in the woods with better food than her. Poison is one heck of an adventure, y’all!

I really cannot get enough of fantasy books with forest settings, seriously. It always gives the story such delicious fairy tale vibes and an added dash of romance via eating over a campfire and camping out under the stars. Poison is no exception to this. There is also plenty of fleeing through the trees to avoid capture and following gamely behind an expert person finder (in the form of one’s new pet pig). SO MUCH CHARM, I SWOON.

Speaking of charm, behold my favorite lines from the book:

How had she come to this? How had she ended up a hungry, friendless fugitive in the middle of a frigid river wearing completely ridiculous lacy underthings?
With a pig balanced on top of her head?

HA. Are you intrigued? Good. Would it, perhaps, further intrigue you to know that this occurs approximately .3 seconds before she meets the previously mentioned Fred? Fred the super sweet stone cold fox that seems to enjoy her company, no less. The romance in Poison is extremely cute and fun, and also not without its fair share of surprises toward the end.

Speaking of, I was so satisfied with Bridget Zinn and her ability to weave twists and turns into the story. I mean, obviously SOMETHING is going on that made Kyra believe it necessary to shoot a poison dart at her best friend. Despite the fact that I knew I was being led somewhere throughout the story – I was never quite able to suss out all the surprises that Poison had in store. All around success, I’d say.

To Sum it Up:

  • FOREST FANTASY, you guys. I declare it a sub-genre. 
  • The plot, romance and adventure all satisfied me, you guys. I enjoyed everything about this book.
  • Did I throw in enough references to Kyra’s awesome pet pig? Because: Kyra had an awesome pet pig.

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  • Daisy May 25, 2013, 4:26 am

    YES! I completely loved this book and I so support the sub-genre of forest fantasy because it is AWESOME! I agree that it adds that little something extra. As do swords in my opinion.
    And Rosie was SO CUTE! And Fred… *sigh*
    Glad you enjoyed it!
    Daisy recently posted..Review of Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowanMy Profile

  • Ash @ Paranormal Indulgence May 25, 2013, 6:44 am

    FOREST FANTASY. I agree, let’s make that a thing.
    “Hey – I’ve trusted worse people with a lot less to go on (fictionally speaking, of course).”
    And that is so me as well. The first line of the MC could be something along the lines of, “I’m a killer. A really really good one.” And I’m all like SURE, let’s do that, I’m sure it’ll be fun and you’re OBVS fun, and I’m also sure you’re probably a good person. Even if you like killing things.
    That’s a sickness. Reading makes you think very weird things and trust the suspect. There should be a disclaimer somewhere or something.
    And I’ve heard how solid this book is and how cute the romance is so I definitely want to give this one a whirl. I’m a little bit inspired atm.
    Ash @ Paranormal Indulgence recently posted..5 Excuses I Use to Avoid SequelsMy Profile

  • Molli May 25, 2013, 1:33 pm

    Thank you for linking to my review! I am super happy that you liked this one. As you saw in my review, I thought it was totally adorable. 🙂
    Molli recently posted..Becoming a Better Blogger – #5: Abolishing Blogger GuiltMy Profile

  • Wendy May 26, 2013, 8:22 pm

    Haha, that quote definitely has me intrigued! And really, you just can’t go wrong with pet pigs!
    Wendy recently posted..Summer Lovin’ Read-a-thon!My Profile

  • Bookworm1858 May 27, 2013, 2:37 pm

    I loved the pig so much! Sweet Rosie was my favorite element and I’m so glad she’s represented on the cover 🙂
    Bookworm1858 recently posted..A Corner of WhiteMy Profile


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