The Books I’m Gifting in 2013

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So, I love books and I love my family. Therefore, I love giving books to my family for Christmas! Unfortunately, only a couple of them actually appreciate them, so I am trying to tone it down a bit this year…

Still, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the titles I’ve picked out!

(It’s purely coincidence that these are all titles I’m interested in reading as well. I swear.)

If you are looking for a more comprehensive gift recommendation list, I did a shopping guide last year you should check out as well.

for my dad…

Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure

Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure by Matthew Algeo Goodreads / Amazon

My dad definitely isn’t much of a reader, and when he does read it is usually non-fiction. So, I figured this would be a fun choice! He was super young when Truman was president, but I still think the book sounds like a great way to experience the 1950s.


for my mom…

Sparrowhawk Series

The Sparrowhawk Series by Edward Cline Goodreads / Amazon

The past few years, I’ve taken advantage of my mom’s love for the Downton Abbey TV show and gotten her books relating to that time period. But when I was growing up, we were both pretty obsessed with the Colonial period so I decided to take her back there this year! This six book series sounds really interesting and incredibly well researched, so I’m hoping it’ll suck her back to the 18th century.

for my mom and dad…

Heads in Beds

Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky Goodreads / Amazon

My parents hardly ever watch the same TV shows, but they’ve both recently become addicted to The Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible. Since they both seem so interested in getting an inside look behind the scenes of life at hotels, I thought it would be really awesome to get them a book they could possibly read together as well!

for my grandma…

Jubilee Trail

Jubilee Trail by Gwen Bristow Goodreads / Amazon

Gwen Bristow has special meaning for both my mom and I because her late best friend is who got us hooked on her in the first place, so we’re both excited to give this book to my grandma this year because it’ll mean a lot to her as well. It is an awesome look at 19th century life in California, which is one of my all time favorite settings, so I recommend this one all the time!

for a guy’s secret santa pick…

Paddle Your Own Canoe

Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman Goodreads / Amazon

My extended family is trying out secret santa this year, so my dad has to contribute a “man gift.” I convinced my mom this book should be a part of it! I 100% plan to read it before it gets wrapped. I am not ashamed.



So – now it’s your turn! What books are you giving to your family and friends this year?

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  • Jessica @ a GREAT read December 5, 2013, 1:54 pm

    Nice! I don’t usually buy my family book since they aren’t all avid readers. But if/when they tell me of a book they want I will gift it to them. Like for my mom I got her the new Stephen King book that came out a month or so ago. For my sister’s bday last month I bought her Allegiant because I know she was reading the series–and I happened to have ordered two copies!

    But every Xmas my friend and I always exchange books for Christmas! I finally converted one of my friends from high school to read the books I read. So every year I just look at my shelf and determine which ones she might like and buy them for her! This year, I’m giving her quite a few. Most were from doubles I had or received elsewhere and thought she might like so I saved them for her. That list is a bit long, but I got her books by C.C. Hunter, Shannon Delany, Veronica Roth, Jeaniene Frost, Jennifer L. Armentrout…and more, but I am away from the stack right now so I can’t quite remember who else is in there.

    As you can see we’re both paranormal readers!

    • Allison (AllureofBooks) December 5, 2013, 3:43 pm

      I definitely understand that! My sis-in-law is a big paranormal reader, and I’m constantly loaning her the paranormal books I love. She is one of the only people I talk about books with regularly (off the internet) that likes fantasy, so I have a blast forcing things on her 🙂

  • Nora December 9, 2013, 4:38 pm

    I, too, like history. Jubilee Trail sounds enticing. Interesting to read your list of book gifts. I do know the disappointment when someone doesn’t appreciate a book. Ah well, we’re all different.


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