The Paradox Trilogy by Rachel Bach

You guys, I spent the weekend marathoning this sci-fi trilogy like a crazy person. I loved it so much! The plot, characters and world building all brought something amazing to the series, and I can’t recommend it enough!

I’m definitely gonna keep things vague here, but if you enjoy space operas – or even urban fantasy – with a good dose of romance, you should be RUNNING to the closest possible place you can pick these books up! I mean, there are space pirates, big blobs of death, hot dudes with black scales and creepy, insane little girls. What else could you ask for?

Fortune's PawnFortune’s Pawn

The protagonist, Devi Morris, is the very definition of driven. She has big advancement plans in her chosen career, and from the very beginning she is just stubborn enough to make you think she’ll accomplish her goals. So how does a mercenary get a job promotion? She accepts the craziest, most dangerous assignment she can find! All she has to do now is survive…

Working on the ship Glorious Fool ends up being exactly the wild ride she was told it would be. I love the format of this first book – in the background, hints of a larger plot start being unveiled, but the plot is mostly episodic. It jumps from one problem to the next and shows how Devi and the rest of the crew handle themselves. As we start getting to know them, the larger danger starts getting closer.

Honor’s Knighthonor's knight

Everything develops a lot further in this book – Devi is hit with revelation after revelation. Both characters and plot lines that were just beginning to be developed the first time around are pretty much thrust into the spotlight. It all hits the fan, you guys. Big problems. Big danger. Big betrayals. As Devi’s original questions start being answered, she is only hit with new ones. The mythology is expanded and we really get a much clearer picture about the world they’re in.

heaven's queenHeaven’s Queen

From the beginning, this was a strong series. I am so glad I can say that it absolutely ended just as beautifully! Devi finally comes up with a plan and finds a few people she realizes she is willing to trust. Whether or not she succeeds, my favorite part of the book was absolutely seeing the great character growth finally highlighted front and center. In the beginning, Devi was definitely alone. She was extremely stubborn and believed that everything was clearly black and white. By the end, she realizes that sometimes you have to jump head first into the gray area (and boy, does she!).


The themes this series explores are so brilliant. There are definitely no clear sides here – good and bad don’t really exist when it comes to what side Devi has to finally choose. That goes for the issues she is fighting for, the people she has to decide to trust, and whether or not she can let her defenses down long enough to fall in love.

There is definitely a lot of betrayal going around – but I think the way things ended up made sense. Devi is definitely not a “you’re so sweet and sensitive, LET ME LOVE YOU SQUISHY WISHY BEAR!” type of girl. She’s more of a “you look damn sexy dripping with the blood of your enemies, haaaaaay!” gal.

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  • Claire May 1, 2014, 5:03 pm

    I feel like I’ve turned into Rachel’s crazy stalker, I loved this trilogy so much I’m commenting on it everywhere. I feel a bit down now I’ve finished them all lol. I have to admit I have made up a slightly alternate ending to the very last two pages though, not that I didn’t enjoy how it wrapped up I just foresee problems with a sexy lover who doesn’t age?


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