Watching the TV and Reading the Books

This week’s Broke & the Bookish Top Ten prompt is matching media with books. I went the TV route, and split the list up a little with different shows. I had more than a little bit of fun coming up with these! (Also, I’ve done it before with The Big Bang Theory, so feel free to check that out.)

books like parenthood

If you watch Parenthood…read The Blessings by Elise Juska Goodreads / Amazon

This is a match made in heaven, seriously. The Blessings are a large and incredibly close family. Every chapter is written from a different family member’s point of view (from the kids to the parents to the grandparents), and the book spans many many years. Good times, scandals, tragedies – it’s all here.

books like hart of dixie

If you watch Hart of Dixie…read Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie Goodreads / Amazon

I think these two go together purely based on the quirky factor. Both the book and show are basically based on the premise of throwing a bunch of lovable weirdos together and seeing what happens!

books like friday night lights

If you watch Friday Night Lights…read Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer Goodreads / Amazon

The good, bad and the ugly in the families and community of a small Texas town.

books like criminal minds

If you watch Criminal Minds…read Don’t Tell by Karen Rose Goodreads / My Review / Amazon

Criminal Minds is all about getting inside the head of psycho killers, and nobody I’ve ever read does that better in book form than Karen Rose.

books like burn notice

If you watch Burn Notice…read Like Coffee and Doughnuts by Elle Parker Goodreads / Amazon

This pair is kind of a setting thing – fighting crime in Florida. Plus, the characters all kinda feel like throwbacks – old fashioned and noir-y. I’ve watched Burn Notice for ages, and this is always the book in the back of my mind. Like Coffee and Doughnuts does involve a gay romance though, so bypass if that isn’t your thing. (If it is, yo – the book is only $3!)

warehouse 13

I’m a pretty big fan of Warehouse 13, you guys. The awesome history mixed with crime solving governmental agents mixed with awesome banter and conspiracies centuries in the making? There is basically something for everyone. The fact that the show is currently in the middle of its final six episode run means it totally gets half of the list!

books like warehouse 13

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley Goodreads / My Review / Amazon

Fighting supernatural forces and secret governmental things, y’all. Like the show, this book has something for everyone. If you like paranormal or fantasy books in any way, shape or form – you should definitely look into picking this up!

Trading Rosemary by Octavia Cade Goodreads / Amazon

Rosemary has a highly regarded library of memory coins, the currency of the world featured in this novella. Scents, tastes, feelings…everything is wrapped up into these commodities that can be traded and sold. The lengths she goes to for her collection and the close connection she feels to it wrap this story up into her library, making it feel like a real thing. It’s no warehouse, but it’s pretty awesome just the same.

The Native Star by M.K. Hobson Goodreads / Amazon

The Warehouse is so steampunk, you guys. There is a big chunk of the show that always feels like it is set in the past. That old world quality is where this book comes in. Two people meet, clash and are then forced to work together to hunt down an artifact. That is pretty much the show description – seriously!

Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore Goodreads / Amazon

Partners that get thrown together against their will that have to constantly fight disaster to save the world and get closer the longer they work together. Like I said, classic Warehouse agent behavior, folks.

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Goodreads / Amazon

I know this is an obvious choice, but I promise it doesn’t make the list because I’m being lazy or just ran out of other options. H.G. Wells is a pretty major character on the show, and although she doesn’t much resemble the real Wells (she being a she and all), she IS the reason I finally picked this up. So, if the show can make me read it, why not you?


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