Memoir Reading Roundup

Memoir Reading Roundup

I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star by Judy Greer Goodreads / Amazon

As I mention in the next review, I enjoy listening to these kind of memoirs a lot as audiobooks. Unfortunately, I read this galley on my Kindle and I think I’d have enjoyed it more as an audio. (Does Judy Greer read the audio? I don’t even know.) BUT – I did still enjoy it. She had an interesting story to tell via her experiences as a co-star on a variety of projects. She also didn’t try too hard to be amusing, I felt like her natural sense of humor came through well. There wasn’t a lot for me to relate to throughout the book, but it was a quick read and overall, I’m glad I picked it up.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling Goodreads / Amazon

I listened to this audiobook over the course of one day during the recent 24 hour readathon. You guys – it was so great! Funny, interesting, cute…a super great choice to cram into such a short amount of time. I never got bored or wished for it to move faster. The pacing was perfect, and I love Mindy Kaling’s voice. I’m not sure that I would have felt the same way if I hadn’t listened to her reading the story, but I have no doubts about recommending the audiobook if you enjoy this kind of funny/self-deprecating  memoir. Of the three, this is far and away the one I’d recommend the most for newbies to the memoir genre.

Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel by Jason Padgett and Maureen Ann Seaberg Goodreads / Amazon

Wow, Jason Padgett has one heck of an original story to tell, you guys! After being pretty badly beaten, his life changes in a pretty monumental way when he develops mathematical synesthesia. He goes from viewing the world the same as the majority of the rest of us to seeing mathematical formulas and geometrical shapes in everything. Like – literally sees them. I can’t even imagine how scary/overwhelming/thrilling that would be. Fortunately, this book does a pretty good job of telling me! I enjoyed the comparisons of his life “before” and “after” and how much his life has changed and how this ability is both a gift and a curse, and how much work it was for him to find a way to harness it. Even if you don’t like math (believe me, I don’t), this is an extremely fascinating story! I’m not sure if it’s one I would recommend if you don’t normally read memoirs, but if you do? Definitely pick it up.

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